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Angular Developer
Salary: $55,000 - 65,000

The Mad Botter seeks an Angular / Typescript developer to assist in the development of various web-applications using Angular for desktop and mobile. This is a full-time position that is 100% remote. Only applicants residing in the USA will be considered; FL and NJ residents are strongly preferred.  Compensation is commensurate with experience. We offer a flexible work schedule, sick-time and vacation time. This is an ideal opportunity for someone relatively early in their career and has plenty of growth opportunities on both the development and project management tracks



  • Fluency in Typescript / Javascript
  • An understanding of Angular’s component model
  • An understanding of Angular’s application and page lifecycle
  • An understanding of async / await in Typescript
  • Experience calling third-party REST APIs via Angular’s HTTP library
  • Strong CSS skills
  • An eye for detail / front-end design
  • Experience of working with macOS or Ubuntu
  • Strong command-line experience
  • Git fluency
  • Prior experience with Visual Studio Code is strongly preferred
  • Karma unit testing experience is strongly preferred
  • Must be comfortable with frequent asynchronous communication via Slack and Trello
  • Prior experience working in a weekly sprint-based Agile environment is preferred

Interested candidates should send a resume, Github profile and cover letter to