Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again when we all think about giving back and how we can help our communities and at The Mad Botter, we appreciate and love open-source, free software and youth education in STEAM.

To further those causes we are running a contest for High-School students to win a System Thelio Linux PC on us. To qualify you must be a US high-school student with your parents permission to participate and write a small FOSS (GPL3) licensed piece of software and publish it on Github.

  • You can code in any language you like.
  • Solutions can address any problem domain as long as it is not specific to one individual and can be more universally applied.
  • All your dependencies must be FOSS or otherwise open-source.
  • A brief description of what your software does and why you wrote it is require, including why it’s important to you.
  • Instructions to run / compile your solution.
  • Solutions should be sent to Michael<at>themadbotter.com with a link to a public Github repo.

We’re looking forward to seeing your solutions!

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