We’re happy to announce the availability of our latest product Gryphon, a radar display system that interacts with a wide range of in flight radar devices. Gryphon supports Linux and Windows devices and can either be run on integrated devices as well as tablets with optional touch support. Gryphon can be used for training missions, simulated training adversary air flights and more. With full HOTAS integration operators can train in actual aircraft or even in a flight simulator with an authentic interface.


Gryphon is based on open standards which allows it to communicate with most widely used radar system, including a number of legacy systems no longer supported by their OEMs. The system can take multiple types of radar data including RWR data, forward radar data all of which is just a touch or a HOTAS switch away.

Gryphon’s tactical display can also pull in ADS-B data if used in an online mode (though offline use is completely supported) and various targets and points of interested as well as mission boundaries can be noted on the tactical display.

In addition to all the built in functionality, The Mad Botter INC can customize Gryphon for your specific use case and mission set. We’re very excited to get working with you and are ready to rise to any challenge. If you want to learn more about Gryphon, check here.