We’re excited to announce that we’re now sponsoring the Plant City Software Development Meetup. Our goal is that the meetup will be a place for professional and aspiring software developers from Plant City and the surrounding community can come together share what we all know, learn new things together, network and just have a great time.

Coffee and light snacks are always going to be provided, so please enjoy. We have a few rules of the meetup: All attendees are to be treated with respect; Q&A for presenters is great, but the tone should be friendly, no cross-examinations; talk submissions are welcome but must be reviewed by The Mad Botter organizer in advance and should be limited to software development projects; During talks, you are free to mention your organization or employer, but the talk can’t “be a commercial” and should have value on its own merit to the group; During Code Katas or code reviews, all feedback must be given in a positive and judgmental way.  These rules are designed to make sure that everyone has a great time and also to ensure that less experienced or aspiring developers have an inviting and friendly place to grow their skills.

We hope to see you at our first event on June 12th and please don’t forget to RSVP!