There are a lot of software development firms out there and many of them are just fine but many of them are less than great. The difference is values. A development firm without values is like a ship without a rudder; it certainly can occasionally get to the right place but that’s little more than chance. Our Code Values are the hard-won result of decades of experience in the software world and are what guide all of our development projects.

The Latest Tech: We love tech at The Mad Botter! That’s why we do what we do! The only thing we love as much as introducing the latest impactful tech to established enterprises and organizations is to solve their problems in novel and creative ways using that tech. Whether it’s a low level open-source machine learning library such as Apache’s OpenNLP, writing and training a voice or text-based bot with the Microsoft Bot Framework and the LUIS engine, or creating novel ways to integrate off the shelf consumer technologies (such as mobile phones or consumer IOT components) into existing large-scale avionics systems, we want to be on the frontiers of technology and bring whatever gems we find back for our customers.

Excellence: While I may have been something of a less than enthusiastic student when I was a child (ask the nuns…) , I do not believe in the “gentleman’s C”. At The Mad Botter, we believe in quality of delivery, quality of code, and quality of process. In short that means, we make sure what we deliver to our customers works and has been thoroughly tested. We achieve this by being dedicated to automated continuous integration for our development methodology. This process allows us to run frequent automated data and user experience tests as well as automate our testing deployments via Docker on all our project, catching a wide range of issues before they ever see a user; when combined with our manual QA process, this allows us to ship with confidence. We are also a completely US-based team which removes a lot of communications issues and other complications that can hinder the software development process.

Open Source: Whether you know it our not, you interact with hundreds of thousands of lines of open-source code every day. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to read this blog post if it weren’t for the open-source Apache project. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the open-source community and committed to actively engaging with that community by not only contributing financially but also working shoulder to shoulder with community developers and giving back any changes or improvements we make to any of the open-source technologies we use and were possible share them on our Github. It is our firm belief that by cooperating with the open-source community we can help push the AI space forward for the benefit of all.

It’s these values of exploring the latest tech, excellence, and working collaboratively with the open-source community that drive our mission to bring the latest technology to bear for your organization. I hope you’ll tumble down the rabbit hole with and follow our continuing journey on this blog as well as reach out should you require any assistance. If you do have a project you’d like to discuss with us, please use the contact form on this page and mention our Code Values for a free gift and if you want to learn how we got an iPhone flying in a military plane, download our free white paper.